Demanding transparency from the ASUC

New ASUC Senate, executive officials and staff need to take responsibility for their actions

With the passage of SB 160 on April 18, the UC Berkeley campus has been packed with people pointing fingers at their peers for the controversial decision. Even the Daily Cal has been going crazy about the vote, talking about how so-and-so was harassed by so-and-so and is now pointing
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Proposed aquatics center aids campus

New aquatics center will not be funded by student tuition

Last summer, Intercollegiate Athletics presented to the campus Capital Projects Committee a proposal for a new donor-financed aquatics center. After completing their standard review process, the faculty and administrators on the committee approved construction on the parking lot adjacent to the Tang Center. The reasons for approval were clear cut:
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With ASUC elections over, what comes next?

This Friday marks about two weeks since the end of one of the most historic ASUC elections in our time at Cal. Finally, our student government leaders are back in class, political opponents are hanging out together at Taco Tuesday and exhausted candidates (including myself) have been rejuvenated by that
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Struggling to accomplish goals

What drives us to stay up at unreasonable hours at night, drinking our nth cup of coffee? Grades and social expectations all can be answers for occasional sleep deprivation. But what keeps people moving in that trajectory, to be unyielding at their momentum and not doubt themselves when times get
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Palestinians deserve an open discussion

Forget Chancellor Birgeneau’s platitudes, we need open debate

As Students For Justice in Palestine activists and a Berkeley attorney working with the SJP and Cal alumni, we feel compelled to respond to the chancellor’s criticism of the recent ASUC vote to divest from companies that profit from Israel’s human rights violations in Palestine. The chancellor’s concern about the
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Make sure you follow the rules

The student advocate's office lays out RRR week violations

With only a few days of instruction remaining, the spring 2013 semester is drawing to a close. The end of the semester brings with it a swarm of endless work, many sleepless nights, and interminable regrets about not mastering course material sooner. The end of the semester also brings with
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Aquatics center sinks and does not swim

The pitfalls of proposed Cal aquatics center

On Sunday, April 7, 2013, The Daily Californian ran a story with the headline “Campus announces plans to construct new aquatics center.” It’s unclear from the story just when this announcement might be said to have taken place, since a public hearing on the proposal was held in Berkeley on
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Fight climate change on a local level

Global warming will negatively impact your food

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to the beach in the winter? What if it meant you could never eat almonds again? Or potatoes? Or cherries? Sure, it’s nice that it’s sunny and warm in the winter now, but global climate change is negatively affecting agriculture around the
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