Modernizing the UC governance

Governance paper prescriptions are not strong enough to solve fiscal problems on UC campuses

The governance “white paper” from Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and his senior academic staff proposes establishing campuslevel boards for each of the UC campuses and devolving additional powers to campus administrations. This further decentralization of authority would weaken the roles of the systemwide UC Board of Regents and the UC Office
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Poop matters

How traditional waste management methods may be creating even more waste than the current system purports to dispose of

Would you believe me if I told you we are flushing our most valuable resources down the toilet? It’s simple: we eat, therefore we poop. And though we think of and treat this excrement as waste, it is full of the same nutrients we pump into our diets. Poop has in
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Putting the phone back on the cradle

How smartphones are invading our relationships, distracting us from each other and lowering our standards for social interaction.

I’ve been learning how to develop apps on Android phones for several months now, and it’s been a blast. I own two smartphones (iPhone and Google Nexus S), an iPad, and two laptops (one for emergencies). You might say I’m a techie. And since I’m a mobile app developer (I
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We don’t need any new saviors

Lack of voting participation and under-representation of certain student groups hinder effectiveness of elected ASUC officials

There are roughly 36,000 students who attend UC Berkeley, 26,000 of whom are undergraduates and 10,000 of whom are graduate students. Our student government, the ASUC, is made up of five executives and 20 senators. These elected students act as representatives of the entire student body. As a result, decisions
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Downtown Berkeley marred by huge labs

In Feb. 2007, Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates said, “We are poised to be an international center for the development of new environmental technologies… That opportunity grew with the award of a $500 million biofuels research center to UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab two weeks ago.” Of course you’ve
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A pathway toward opportunity

When I was 10 years old, my father died of cancer. My mother took up his job as a sales rep for a clothing manufacturer. Times may have been tough, but public schools — from grade school all the way through UC Berkeley and its MBA program — provided a
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Getting bang for your buck

V.O.I.C.E. Initiative supports new journalism

I remember sitting in the Daily Cal’s conference room during the fall semester of 2008. I was gathered there with my fellow sportswriters for our bi-weekly meeting. At the end of the meeting, the sports editor at the time, Matt, said that he had some bad news to share with
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Endorsement may lead Democrats astray

As an active member and executive board member of the Cal Berkeley Democrats, I am shocked and disappointed to see that Paul Murre, president of the California College Democrats, endorsed Connor Landgraf for ASUC president without consulting our chapter here on campus. First, Paul is not and never has been
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