Students will finally have a voice

Measure allows students to represent themselves in city

Imagine a student on the City Council, adjudicating and legislating on key issues such as housing, sustainability and development. His or her mandate: Heed students’ voices, bring them to the city government and ensure that students’ needs are finally reflected in city policy. Such a dream may be much closer
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Measure undistricts city and only changes who draws district lines

Texas-style politics comes to Berkeley with city redistricting measure

The charter amendment Measure R doesn’t redistrict Berkeley at all. It undistricts it. A little history: District Elections were instituted in 1986 to end citywide elections for all council seats. It was a measure put forth by the conservative hills residents against the monopoly the much more progressive flatlands of
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Now is the time to make change

Veto is a setback for graduate student research assistants

Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed legislation that would have given the University of California’s more than 14,000 graduate student research assistants the same rights that other UC employees have under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.  These rights include the freedom to form a union if a majority of
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Homelessness hits where it hurts

A look at the issue of being homeless on Southside

First they encamped a half-block away. Then, they moved closer, their flimsy mats and tattered blankets haphazardly covering them. Before blacking out from alcohol, they rock the block with merriment, obscenities and mutual contempt. That is some nights. The scene changes nightly. Sometimes they don’t show up. I live a
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Fighting to sit

Time to stand up again for your right to sit down in the city

This November, Berkeley voters will be asked to vote on whether to prohibit all of us who are not in a wheelchair or in the midst of a medical emergency from sitting on commercial sidewalks in Berkeley between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Who sits on sidewalks? At one time
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Vote yes for a safer and cleaner city

The measure does not intend to discriminate against homeless

A yes vote on Measure S Civil Sidewalks is a vote for a safer, cleaner, more inviting Telegraph Avenue. In 2011, the UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate student governments held a survey which found that 67 percent of respondents — 90 percent of whom were UC students — would frequent
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Representing what’s right

An open letter to critics of the UCSA resolution on HR 35

Last month, the UC Student Association, a coalition of the UC student governments across each campus, expressed its principled opposition to anti-Semitism but deep concern with the language of a state Assembly bill purportedly about the topic, HR 35. The concern stems from language in the bill that conflates anti-Semitism
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Create a student union

Tired of protesting? Surely many have seen, or even participated in, their share of rallies, occupations, pickets and other demonstrations. Some have been big; some have been small. Some are disasters; some actually get an effective message across and are successful — for example, stopping the 81 percent fee hike
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Vote to make your voice heard

Just last Wednesday,  a system was launched that allows Californians to register to vote online for the first time. Anyone who cares about hearing the voices of young people in our democracy should celebrate this action. Online registration will make voting more accessible for everyone. Youth, however, will likely see
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Put an end to the nightmare

What is the importance of having a counselor on campus for undocumented students? The world of the undocumented student is a fine straddle between hope and uncertainty. Let me begin by saying this: I am undocumented. It is not easy, as an undocumented student, to come forward and be open
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