An existential necessity at Cal

Exploring the rivalry between UC Berkeley and Stanford University.

Where does the widespread and fervent dislike of cardinal red on campus come from? It comes partially from a traditionally constructed identity, the historical genome of the “Cal identity” that many are implanted with. This athletic rivalry alone is not problematic, but it is reflective of the parallel spaces that
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Support the state

When I enter the voting booth on Election Day, two groups of Californians will be at the forefront of my mind. First, I will be thinking of the millions of college students in our state, along with those children who hope to one day obtain a college education. My concern
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Redefining stereotypes

A different take on sex trafficking in California

Among the many issues being debated in this upcoming election, the subject of human trafficking is being spotlighted via the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act. Named Proposition 35 on this year’s ballot, the initiative aims to increase prison sentences and fines for persons convicted of trafficking, pushing the extra funds
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Choose a progressive affordable housing rent board slate

The race between the two competing slates for Berkeley’s Rent Board is remniscient of of the presidential contest, with Tenants United for Fairness claiming they’re for “transparency” and “fiscal responsibility,” but with only one slate with the experience and conviction to provide you fair rents and eviction protections. The Progressive
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UCSA resolution was merely one reaction to bill

Why we should be focusing on HR 35, not the UCSA reaction to it

Over the past few weeks, The Daily Californian has featured half a dozen articles and opinion pieces discussing the UCSA’s resolution to condemn HR 35. However, conversation surrounding this contentious piece of legislation has been obfuscated by focusing on the UCSA’s process and not the contents of HR 35 itself.
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Why you should vote

Take advantage of your right to vote in the November election

“Did you register to vote?” a female student greeted me with a big smile as I walked through the center of Sproul Hall on campus. “No,” I quickly responded as I smiled back. “Would you like to register?” she said. “It takes only about several minutes. I can help you.”
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Meritorious applicants left in the dust

Race is just one factor among many issues in college admissions process

Almost 30 years ago, after claiming he had lost a teaching position to a woman of color, Thomas Wood turned his private frustration in to a public crusade in the form of Proposition 209, a California initiative that ultimately abolished affirmative action in education, employment and contracting in the state.
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Students will finally have a voice

Measure allows students to represent themselves in city

Imagine a student on the City Council, adjudicating and legislating on key issues such as housing, sustainability and development. His or her mandate: Heed students’ voices, bring them to the city government and ensure that students’ needs are finally reflected in city policy. Such a dream may be much closer
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Measure undistricts city and only changes who draws district lines

Texas-style politics comes to Berkeley with city redistricting measure

The charter amendment Measure R doesn’t redistrict Berkeley at all. It undistricts it. A little history: District Elections were instituted in 1986 to end citywide elections for all council seats. It was a measure put forth by the conservative hills residents against the monopoly the much more progressive flatlands of
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