Off the Beat: Nostalgia and nose piercings

Body art and multiple piercings can carry deeply personal or spiritual implications. They can be done in honor of a loved one or commemorate a moment that is special enough to be carried forever. Then there are other motivations. On the last day of class my freshman year, I dragged
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Telegraphic digressions

Savage heart murmurs

Goodbye, Telegraph. No more people watching outside my window, listening to DJ Patches rock out to the Temptations or SOAD on Berkeley’s rarefied urban avenue. After two years of pretending to be an RA in the same brick building that I had my first brush with White Russians and free
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Off the Beat: Life is more than just one word

I have always dreaded the question; I think that starting right after the first time we’re asked, we all do. We’ve fielded the question many, many times, and I imagine it’s something I’ll be answering from time to time for the rest of my life. “What are you studying?” acquaintances
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Off the Beat: Drinking liquid genius

“Coffeecoffeecoffee!” This, dear readers, is one of the greatest lines ever spoken by Lorelai Gilmore, the fast-talking matriarch of the Gilmore Girls, as she walked up to the counter of the local cafe. It is also one of the three phrases that my old roommate and I would use to
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Off the Beat: Hey there, Sproulers

One of the things that Cal is known for is its vibrant student community and the school spirit that its students have. The number of students tabling and handing out fliers every morning on Sproul speaks for itself, not to mention the protests that break out every now and then.
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Living a life worth writing down

Off the Beat

Last Friday was my sister’s birthday. Aside from being my best friend in the entire universe and the freshman I mooch a Cafe 3 brunch off of once a week, Sarah is a remarkable young woman. She’s a thousand different emotions at once, but she still manages to be the
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Legends of the hidden temple

Man Under Bridge

I’ve had my desk since I was in the third grade. It’s seen me through all sorts of things: calculus and Jacques Lacan, puka shells and straightened hair, the death of my cat Milton and the ensuing existential crisis. As desks go, its surface is pretty plain — a natural
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Checking out of Hotel California

Champagne Problems

“You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave,” the Eagles said. Whenever I stay at a hotel, even for a night or two, I get a funny feeling just before I leave that I have forgotten something. I check all the drawers, even though I know
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Life in the Matrix

When I applied to be a Daily Cal columnist, I figured I should pick a topic that was relevant to the student body and about which I could, you know, say a thing or two. So after a moment’s deliberation it was clear: write about the Internet. I’m a member
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Going out with a (sappy) bang

Sex on Tuesday

“Did you just finish?” “Uh, yeah.” “Cool. Just checking.” OK, that was an anticlimactic ending to my middle-of-the-night screw session with my ex-boyfriend-turned-fuck-buddy a few days ago, but it really was the end of it. I don’t think I’m usually the type to have grand reflections on life during such
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