Broke like me

Broke in Berkeley

At the end of one of my classes last semester, I happened to glance over at the guy sitting next to me. My thoughts were elsewhere, but when my eyes caught sight of his backpack, I couldn’t avert my gaze. He was pretty well organized, and with a slot set
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Off the beat: The other twin

Growing up, I was always the second twin. I was the one who sat for the second half of an hour-long piano lesson, the one who introduced myself after my sister, the one who said I wanted to be doctor or a veterinarian or work at a zoo when I
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Off the beat: That tingly feeling

I’m sitting in a restaurant in Lisbon waiting for lunch. I’m weary from wandering the city with a friend, and a Fado band is playing on the television by the door. In the corner of the screen, I notice a woman translating every lyric into sign language. Her hands move
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Off the beat: Under construction

This summer in Berkeley — like any summer in Berkeley — a slew of campus buildings will undergo renovation, retrofitting and construction. With fewer students on campus, these three months are an opportune time for Capital Projects, UC Berkeley’s construction management team, to complete many tasks that would otherwise impede
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Off the beat: The feminist conundrum

While walking on Sproul last week, I was met with one of Cal’s famously spirited protests. The men circled in front of the student store chanting their overwhelming distaste for the brutal “War on Women,” and though I didn’t have time to stop and speak with them about their ideologies,
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Off the beat: The Heem Team says goodbye

In a little less than two weeks, I will turn 21. I guess it is a milestone insofar as I’ve actually survived 21 years of bumbling through life. And I’ve pretty much abandoned the hope that maturity and worldliness will be magically bequeathed unto me at 12:01 a.m. Nobody, it
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Off the beat: Confessions of a humanities major

When I first told my family that I would be double majoring in rhetoric and French, I faced confused and baffled responses. My parents expected me to follow my childhood passion for mathematics while in college, but sometimes, things just don’t work out. Throughout my academic career, I have been
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Too great expectations

Critical Musings

Lately I’ve been feeling guilty about not living up to the expectations I have of myself. Hearing me complain, a friend suggested I think about what 10th-grade me might think of present-day me. Tenth-grade me would be pretty happy with where I am. Tenth-grade me would feel proud of getting
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This is not a two-way street

Council Watch

What’s worse than driving in Berkeley? Parking in Berkeley. Berkeley City Council has put forth a plan that would turn Durant Avenue and Bancroft Way into two-way streets. My first thought: THANK THE LORD. The fewer one-way streets, the better. My second thought: I don’t even own a car. What
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Sexual healing

Sex on Tuesday

In the first semester of my freshman year, I took a philosophy course that not only piqued my interest in the major but taught me something very important. One day, I walked into class to find a documentary playing on the topic of primate social behavior. My favorite of the
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