For A-Gong

Cal in Color

I wish I could give A-Gong more than just my American habits and my Chinese, tainted with my heavy American accent and dotted with English; I wish I could say more.
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Why I love food

Create to Connect

For me, food is so much more than nutrition that fuels my body. Food is sensuality, it’s home and belonging, it’s community and gratitude, it’s textures and play.
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Queer men on sexual display

Sex on Tuesday

Body image issues run rampant in queer men because, unlike their straight male counterparts, queer men experience the male gaze with a new level of intensity — they are both the subjects and the observers.
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Interabled sex and the city

Embracing Visibility

I like to think I have as much sex as your average 22-year-old, if not more. Honestly, you’d be surprised how much sex people with ostomies have.
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