You catch more flies with honey

Cal in Color

I wanted to write “Cal in Color” to create real dialogue on what it actually means to be a Black woman at Berkeley, and doing so requires the invocation of uncomfortable radical topics.
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Music to my years

American Pie?

It was crushing, admitting to myself there wasn’t a single piece I could remember how to play in its entirety without mistakes, a deserved blow. 
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Beyond what’s normal

Stories from the Outside

Hope and imagination — aren’t these the first steps of any movement working toward a reality beyond what we deem “normal”?
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Partnerships, plural

Love in Conversation

Romantic and platonic aren’t organizing categories of relationships — they aren’t even poles on a spectrum.
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What spun off from my skating life

Off the Beat

For more than 10 years, my life was all about skating. I trained seven days a week, often early in the morning before school began, and sometimes so late at night that when I came back home, it was already the next day.
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