ENGOs are a go

What On Earth

For the classic American worn out by bureaucracy and the slow-moving political machine, engaging with an ENGO is the best way to see immediate green action.
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Sharing and caring

Along for the Ride

From a very young age, I have been conditioned to accept questions from adults about all aspects of my life and medical condition.
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‘Not sick enough’

Bear in Mind

While my therapist has me rate how I’m feeling on a 1-10 scale each week, there isn’t actually a definitive way to “rank” my mental illness and its severity. Illnesses are relative; what is “severe” for one person is functional for another. Both deserve to receive as much treatment as they need.
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Not so uplyfting

git reset

Cities were built to be scalable systems. They weren’t modeled for thousands of underpaid drivers to “pick up Divya and drop off Varsha next” all day.
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We need to vote

Voting is powerful, and yes, your voice really does matter — but the right to vote has historically been kept out of some people’s hands.
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Count yourself into the census

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Filling out the census has wide-reaching impacts, including funding assistance to vulnerable communities.

While it might not be the most exciting aspect of the political landscape, it provides invaluable support to many communities that need it. 
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