Breaking the chain

My eagerness and determination to change the world in a positive way (along with the inspiration I have gotten from those who support me) has helped me “break the chain” as my father once said. 
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Photo of Amber Griffin-Royal

The slap felt around the world

I disagree with most public discourse on the “Will and Chris” situation, as it woefully omits Pinkett-Smith’s experience and the larger elephant in the room: The acceptance of Black womxn being humiliated as a form of entertainment in this country. 
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Rachel Chipner mug

Just getting started

College Core

Here’s to the first ring on the tree trunk, onto the next three; and to freshman year — may sophomore, junior and senior year be each better than the last.
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Photo of Elise Kim

I’m afraid I don’t know

Things I Didn't Say

Looking at everything through a metaphoric lens allows me to capture it all within a narrower frame — one that’s easier to digest and given specific intention. There’s a reason for each scene which contributes to a timeline that has an end.
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The gender gap

Sex on Tuesday

I walk a thin line between approval and being tokenized: the feminine “bi” girl, an ideal threesome candidate and sexual experiment.
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