photo of Kino Farr

Parental guidance

Now you see me

The one thing he did show me was how I want to love and be loved. I want to counteract the hate that he’s put out. I want to clean off the rust and shine.
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Illustration depicting pedestrian friendly Telegraph

Students must get involved in plans to transform Telegraph Avenue

COMMUNITY AFFAIRS AFFAIRS: The city of Berkeley has committed to taking climate action, and prioritizing pedestrians and busses on Telegraph Avenue is an important step in this direction.

The city of Berkeley must follow through with its plans to incentivize walking, biking and using public transit throughout the city.
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photo of columnist Moideen Moidunny

Sex on Friday

Cal in Color

Sociocultural ideologies have affected my understanding and approach to not just my sexuality, but to women in general.
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Stop and smell the daisies

Your Secret Admirer

The universe remains infinitely massive, but my universe is not. Instead of worrying about the endless space around me, I’ve decided to focus on the miniscule space I do take up.
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Illustration about Barrows Hall

Campus must be proactive in addressing legacies of white supremacy

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: Despite unnaming Krober Hall and Barrows Hall, campus failed to follow through by removing work by these scholars from an exhibit celebrating the South and Southeast Asian community.

Only by openly admitting and reflecting on past mistakes can we move forward to create the campus students have desperately been demanding for years. 
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