I met my best friend on Omegle

To the Left

The internet was the perfect escape from my social anxiety. Omegle, an online chatroom for “meeting strangers and making new friends,” was where I lived.
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Illustration of people walking at a distance, shielding the coronavirus with barriers emitting from their phone.

Don’t get complacent about COVID-19

STATE AFFAIRS: As the COVID-19 case count rises, Californians must recommit to being as safe as possible

Over the past two weeks, the United States has hit higher and higher benchmarks of infections. Yet complacency has become just as infectious as COVID-19.
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Wish I could tell you

Impulsive Coward

When I got in to my dream art schools, though, I decided to give it all up for UC Berkeley — a decision I don’t know if I regret.
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The period talk

Thinking Outside the Binary

No matter how much I have distanced myself from womanhood, I still have to deal with a part of myself that is gendered by others.
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