On sexting

Sex on Tuesday

Four months or so after the phone fucking began, we got a chance to see each other. She came to Southern California, and we left for the lower mountains.
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COVID-19, the new STD

A new STD is afflicting the world. We all know what this STD is: COVID-19. And yes, it is an STD, a “socially transmitted disease.”  
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Are we exclusive?

Love in Conversation

Exclusion is an old, deep feeling, born back in middle school when friends would plan sleepovers in front of me.
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Views via violin

Cal in Color

While taking AP and honors classes, my sister and I would come home and trade stories about how the teachers would awkwardly stare in our directions after reading the N-word.
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In mother tongues

American Pie?

My mother strings words together more eloquently than I, both despite her lack of familiarity with English and because of it.
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They/them in Arabic

Stories from the Outside

It haunts me that certain aspects of my identity can only be articulated and understood in English — they’re basically invisible, or actually, nonexistent, when discussed in my mother tongue.
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