FAFSA’s folly

NATIONAL ISSUES: The inability of students with same-sex parents to file a FAFSA causes inconvenient confusion and difficulty.

As if filing a FAFSA each year weren’t a hassle enough, an article this past Saturday in The New York Times examined the undue difficulties faced by students with same-sex parents in filing their financial aid forms. Students are only permitted to list one of their mothers or fathers on
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Protesting punishment

CAMPUS ISSUES: The recent lawsuit filed by current and former students against officials reflects an unfortunate campus schism.

Another day, another legal battle in the UC Berkeley community. Nearly two years after UCPD arrested 66 people in a week-long protest in Wheeler Hall, a group of former and current students filed a class action lawsuit Oct. 7 against administrators in regard to their response to the situation. During
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Drinking while you think

Whenever this column mentions a number, take a drink. It’s the summer of 2008, and it’s getting late — too late to start drinking, but I do it anyway. I’m in Groningen, northeast of Amsterdam, at an apartment 20 minutes from the city’s university. The August air is warm and
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Overcoming a rocky year

Often, the word bureaucracy comes with strong negative connotations. This bad vibe is not entirely unwarranted — anyone who has battled a belligerent receptionist, gone hoarse leaving voice mails for unresponsive departments or grown exhausted shuffling paperwork across campus can attest to the sometimes wily ways of bureaucrats. That said,
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The correct treatment

The problem with drug abuse in the United States has not gone away. And the rampant use of drugs here has left Mexican border towns resembling a veritable blood bath. These are two of the reasons why it is easy to point out how big of a failure our national
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A never-ending Halloween

Halloween is around the corner, and I have been brainstorming for costume ideas. I always tell myself that I am going to put together an awesome outfit, but most years I end up getting a pair of cat ears, wearing something black and calling it a night. This is such
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Trading spaces

CAMPUS ISSUES: Though we are sad to see the only 24-hour food-friendly study space on campus lost, we understand the decision.

The ASUC Senate authorized at its meeting last Wednesday the conversion of the Eshleman Library from student space to a commercial venue until next fall, when Eshleman Hall is scheduled to be demolished. However, the authorization won’t really change anything. Last year, former ASUC Auxiliary Director Nadesan Permaul and former
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Nuclear waste

CITY ISSUES: The Nuclear Free Berkeley Act is outdated, and we applaud the efforts by one city official to repeal parts of it.

Members of Berkeley’s Peace and Justice Commission, who say the threat of nuclear war is still real, are up in arms in response to Berkeley City Councilmember Gordon Wozniak’s efforts to repeal parts of the Nuclear Free Berkeley Act. However, the act is a relic of a bygone era. Passed
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