A case of electoral lunacy

Sometimes, I find Californians to be a little crazy. They queue up for public transportation 20 minutes before the bus is due to arrive, wander instead of walk and eat avocado on everything. However, these quaint peccadilloes pale in comparison to the fullblown insanity of California’s voters. I’m no psychiatrist,
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Bending sacred bonds

Insurance companies agree: The most stabilizing forces in our society are the bonds of marriage. When two people find the passion to commit to one another, the urge to perpetrate moving violations suddenly goes out the window — along with any lingering family suspicion of residence in the closet. But
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Talking for and against doesn’t mean real talk

A response to the pro-con debate about the Palestinian bid for statehood in the United Nations

I was sitting down, calmly getting ready for my afternoon study session when I came across “the Lewis battle” in The Daily Californian, about Israel and the Palestinian bid for statehood in the United Nations. It was unsurprising that considerable analysis has been left out when the campus receives just
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SEX ON TUESDAY: An orgasmic rollercoaster

I left his house Sunday morning in a daze. I was physically exhausted, and the inevitable migraine was looming, but the rays of sunlight and cool breeze from the pier perpetuated my high. Despite our incompatible personalities and widely divergent interests, we have a sexual chemistry that is remarkably coordinated and
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A necessary rejection

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed SB 185, a bill that was counter to constitutional processes and an inadequate solution.

The veto of SB 185 disappointed advocates who wanted to facilitate greater access for underrepresented minorities in our state’s public universities. From the start, however, this bill was not the answer to increase diversity and was in fact counter to the state’s constitutional procedures. SB 185 sought to allow the
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Student speaks about his success in co-op

On Sept. 12, Vice Chancellor Basri sent a message to all UC Berkeley students about the campus’s efforts to ameliorate the hardships of undocumented students. Notably, the campus did not take a formal stance on this issue until California passed AB 130, the first half of the California DREAM Act,
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A DREAM comes to life

The signing of the second part of the California DREAM Act is historic, but there is still more progress to be made.

This Saturday, another chapter was penned in the history of rights for America’s undocumented students. With Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing of the second part of the California DREAM Act, undocumented students will be able to receive state aid starting in 2013, giving hope to others around the country. Brown’s signature
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Gov. Brown’s veto doesn’t end struggle

The situation in the University of California is at a crisis point, and everything must be done to increase underrepresented minority student enrollment now. Gov. Jerry Brown should have signed SB 185, which allowed public universities to consider race and gender in admissions to increase underrepresented minority student enrollment. However,
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