Iran and the West: How portrayals justify intervention

As the ideological groundwork for military strikes on Iran is laid by certain media outlets and hawks in Washington, D.C. and Tel Aviv, there is a wide array of parallels to be drawn between the disastrous past and the contentious present. One underlying presumption that is a constant recurrence, however,
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A tragic preoccupation

CITY AFFAIRS: Blaming Occupy Oakland for North Berkeley resident Peter Cukor’s death is a baseless and misguided opinion.

Nobody can predict when events will take a turn for the worse. At a moment’s notice, a frightening situation can become a violent emergency, as it did Saturday evening when North Berkeley resident Peter Cukor was allegedly bludgeoned to death. This incident was tragic, no doubt, but speculation that the
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‘Can you hear me now?’

Man Under Bridge

I’m new to the smartphone game. Every day I feel like I learn something new. A better app for this, a better way to store that. The way my phone has the capability to do so much in such a little frame, the way it documents and organizes my life
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Get it together, man

Earlier today, I was perusing through the news section of the Daily Cal’s website and trying to learn about what was happening in the outside world. For the last few days, my life has been spent studying for the impending doom that is midterms. Scrolling down the pages, I noticed
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Stars and sensible advice

Champagne Problems

Sometimes, when I’m feeling rich and getting sick of cutting my own hair, I go to the hairdresser. In order to avoid the awkwardness that naturally results from the experience of a total stranger touching your head while you stare back at them from the mirror, I flick through the
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Jon and Kate Plus 8 (phones)

Life in the Matrix

To the producers of TLC’s Hoarders: Here’s a season finale for ya. According to the multibillion, multinational networking firm from the south side of the Bay, Cisco Systems, this year mobile devices will actually outnumber those who consider mobiles’ prices. There will be more number-padded, data-drinking fully charged smartphones and
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