Savage heart murmurs

Wearing a sundress in the middle of February is as romantic as eating someone else’s heart-shaped box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Stepping into Walgreens is already hard enough, but waiting in line holding Valentine’s candy paired with a tube of one-dollar toothpaste? Maybe if they switched to warmer lights. Probably
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The myth of partisanship

Given Insight

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there was a vast empire whose arms stretched across the globe. Although it was not a monarchy, its political class ruled with the wrath of kings and queens. They conquered foreign kingdoms in a hopeless hunt for bogeymen they
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Taking some time off from Cal

In the middle of my sophomore year during the fall 2008 semester, I was diagnosed with major depression. During the course of the next semester, I did everything I could to relieve my depression, from exercise to therapy. But despite all this I felt progressively worse. Life seemed hopeless and
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The noble struggle

STATE ISSUES: By ruling California’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals set a just precedent.

For too long, the rights of same-sex couples have remained suspended in California, inexplicably restricted by a law that is both rationally and morally reprehensible. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ Tuesday ruling that struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban — passed by ballot initiative Proposition 8 in
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Kind of like peas in a pod

Man Under Bridge

I grew up behind the orange curtain in a city of wide streets and Del Taco. One of those suburban cookie-cutter places in Orange County, the kind of scene subject to satire after satire, was home to me for 18 years. Then I made the great pilgrimage to Berkeley — perhaps
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Ron Paul’s politics pack less punch than his honesty

The Devil's Advocate

Ron Paul’s strong second place finish in Tuesday’s Minnesota primary is a reminder that he’s a powerful force within the Republican party and that his ardent youth support will endure throughout the nomination process. Still, his chances of actually getting the nomination are virtually nil — well, just over two
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This column is important

Champagne Problems

Many guides to writing will offer this writer’s truism: “Write what you know.” Usually, I completely disagree. The power of a writer’s imagination enables them to write good fiction based on experiences they have not lived and to give life on the page to people they have never met. Some
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Teacher’s pet: getting down with GSIs

There is always that one grad student. The one who makes your mouth water when they derive equations in sections. The one who actually motivates you to do all your reading each week, just so when you answer a question correctly, they can flash you a brilliant smile. I’ve received
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Great sexpectations

Oh, pornography. Such a fascinating industry. Taboo in most cultures, yet celebrated yearly at the Adult Video News Awards, porn is most certainly cherished as much as it is persecuted. Being a college kid, it has obviously crossed my path, from my own viewing pleasure, to a friend showing me
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The best sex I’ve never had

The best sex I’ve ever had didn’t take place in my dorm room. It didn’t happen in the heat of a late spring night, in a space illuminated by the orange glow of streetlights nearby. It didn’t involve someone who I had grown to adore, who knew exactly how to
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