Photo of Khristina Holterman

Total domination?

Sex on Tuesday

Giving up your power isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And as I’ve come to learn, there’s not such a strict line between dominance and submission. 
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Photo of Nicholas Clark

Freeing Britney and me


The second a gay man wears a dress, the universe explodes. So instead, queer men often focus our energy on these pop divas — the only acceptable way to express our femininity.
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Illustration of students in the South / Southeast Asian Library as it fades away

Don’t close South/Southeast Asia Library

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: The library is an important learning and gathering space for the South and Southeast Asian and broader campus communities

On a sprawling campus like UC Berkeley, the value of a physical space, dedicated to a shared purpose and cherished by like-minded students, faculty and staff, cannot be overstated. 
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Photo of Merve Ozedmir

The girl who knows better

A Modern Feminist?

When victims are held responsible for the actions of perpetrators, violence becomes the norm; the focus shifts from solving the problem to avoiding it.
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