Students should aim for September deadline

With the 2010 census numbers in, redistricting in Berkeley is about to begin, and residents of the city are being asked to submit proposals. Recently, the city council moved back the proposal deadline from mid-August to Sept. 16 in order to give students more time to have their voices heard;
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Take back the ASUC

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: We stand with the ASUC in condemning the way in which the ASUC Auxiliary realignment has occurred.

The ASUC has faced many significant issues and challenges over the past few decades, some of the most important of which pertain to the student government’s autonomy. While different groups have each had their fair share of fault, rarely have we seen such a baffling and outrageous change carried out
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Moving beyond vanilla

Sex on Monday

Every time I go out on a date with someone, I want to skip past the awkward small talk getting-to-know-you phase, and just break out a survey. It would cover the basics of “What are you looking for right now: Casual sex? Commitment?” But it would also cover the things
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The loneliest decision

With my roommate gone for the past three days, I spent each night alone in my apartment, watching a documentary on suicide called “The Bridge.” Why would I do such a thing? I have no idea. The documentary focuses on the Golden Gate Bridge as the number one suicide spot
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Assigning sexual tension

Connect the Dots

I think girls are hot. Because I think so, a classmate who I unknowingly led in the wrong direction suggested that I might be sexually confused, or “trapped in the closet.” Walking through campus on a sunny day celebrated by short skirts and ethereal blouses, my obnoxiously masculine utterances are
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Cutting from the future

The budget deal between Gov. Jerry Brown and state Democrats exemplifies the danger of political paralysis. Sacramento is tied down by petty partisanship that prevented Brown from pursuing tax extensions which could have shaped the budget differently. The result is tragic for all Californians: the University of California now faces
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There are still ways for immigration reform to pass nationally

You may hear that “immigration reform is dead” in the 112th Congress. But in reality, it is very much alive. It will just probably happen in pieces, not “comprehensively.” A trend for new bipartisan immigration policy is emerging that focuses on two immigration issues: granting more green cards to educated
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White House visit restores hope

President Obama is committed to fulfilling promises

One hours-long visit to the White House changed my perspective on what is possible for us to achieve today. I hope it might affect yours too. Last month I was honored to receive an invitation from the White House asking me if I wished to meet with President Obama and
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Have fun with learning

Sex on Tuesday

The first time someone asked me if I had orgasmed, my response was “I … don’t know.” This was not the answer that he was looking for, and a period of stroking the man-ego commenced. I found that response to my uncertainty about orgasm far more annoying than the lack
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This is a good season

The Way I See It

If it were up to me, school would be optional centers of joyous learning where tears of happiness are spilt over intellectual conversations, stimulating reading and a lot of hugs. Very little is up to me, sadly. Instead, school has become, for many students including myself, a rectangular plot of
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