Students deserve to be represented on City Council

This year, Californians have a lot on their plate. Zooming in on the map just a bit more, though, highlights a city with a hefty agenda of its own. The release of the 2010 census presents Berkeley with a revolutionary opportunity that comes along only once every ten years: redrawing
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A legislative distraction

STATE ISSUES: Leland Yee’s bill on UC executive pay incorrectly shifts the focus of student anger from the state to the regents.

Across the University of California, students are being asked to tighten their belts and share in financial sacrifice. California’s budgetary crisis has taken its toll, leaving the UC Board of Regents with a shrinking pool of resources. While executive pay is a contentious point, there are times when raises are
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Fixing politics

CITY AFFAIRS: A student supermajority district would recreate the same type of disenfranchisement that its proponents decry.

Though a majority of UC Berkeley students live in the areas surrounding the campus, there is currently no student super-majority city council district. While many have called for such a district — most notably ASUC External Affairs Vice President Joey Freeman — its creation would simply be gerrymandering. Creating a
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Explore the next big thing

Sex on Monday

Twenty years ago, the rising rates of oral sex were marveled at by the researchers. Now, if you hit 29 and haven’t participated in some kind of oral sex, you would be as common as someone without a cell phone. Since oral, something previously thought of as dirty and subversive,
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Finding purpose down the road

The Way I See It

Upon hearing many recommendations and reading various quotes from the novel “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac, I took it upon myself to read it at the beginning of this past spring semester. And still, despite hearing many of many friends argue about how great the book is, I cannot
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Growing out of sandboxes

Connect the Dots

My mom, brother and a federal Pell Grant bought me a Macbook Pro on Saturday. After I knocked a bottle of nail polish remover over my $650 Toshiba Satellite laptop (limited edition with Harman Kardon speakers) last week, I was without the 24-hour convenience store of information and utility that
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Contract approval with SEIU Local 1021 was a bad decision

It was a very serious mistake for the City Council to approve the “contract extension” with SEIU Local 1021 (Council item 48a on the June 28 Agenda). This agreement effectively freezes and extends for three years a labor contract that pre-empts serious pension and fiscal reform in a time when
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Tips for Writing Your Dating Profile

If you decide to go online and open up the dating buffet, creating an account is just step one. Creating a good profile is the difference between getting good matches and getting: “Why are you even talking to me?” Admittedly, writing can be hard, but a little time to craft
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Selig should have moved the All-Star game

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig recently struck out, big time, by refusing to relocate the 82nd All-Star Game from Phoenix, Arizona, to another city due to the desert state’s  immigration law, SB 1070. Although the core of this draconian law remains under a federal court injunction, if Arizona Gov.
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