Shopping socialization

Get on the fucking sidewalk,” I heard as I made a wide right turn past a house party near Willard Park. Though I failed to follow the bro’s solid advice, he cheered me on as he yelled, “Fixies for life!” twice as if I didn’t hear him the first time.
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Holding antimatter is exciting step for physics

On June 7, the Daily Cal reported on the demonstrated trapping of long-lived antihydrogen atoms by the Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus collaboration, which includes members of the Fajans and Wurtele  research groups in the UC Physics department. As a follow-up, the graduate students of these groups would like to offer
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Further down the road

CITY AFFAIRS: The city needs a long-term plan to address potholes and prevent costly maintenance in the years to come.

Potholes are a blemish for the city of Berkeley. According to a recent report by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Berkeley scored a 60 out of 100 on the pavement condition index — indicating that its road system is on the precipice of rapid deterioration. We understand that the city faces
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For your consideration

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Raising summer course fees for nonresident students deserves further consideration due to financial burdens.

Because the University of California is in a dire financial situation, it must further consider raising nonresident fees for summer sessions. Currently, nonresident students pay the same fee as California residents — $343 per unit — but in the face of monumental cuts to its funding, the university cannot afford
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Why size does(n’t) matter

Sex on Monday

While the sentiment of “I’ve never measured my cock, I figure I couldn’t do anything about it anyway” is certainly better than an unreasonable obsession with size, I am more of a fan of know what you’ve got, and work it. Penis size matters, but probably not in the way
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Resovling to conflict

The Way I See It

I’ve never been fond of conflict. I mean, who is, right? Nobody likes conflict; it’s faux pas to desire anything other than peace. And as “Miss Congeniality” dictates, “world peace” is a required goal for all members of society. But while nobody enjoys an atmosphere of discord, I always took
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Cost-cutting potential

Connect the Dots

Glancing at my ticket, the train conductor dubbed me “Miss Berkeley” for the remaining 1.5 hours on the Amtrak. “I thought you kids were out for the summer,” he told me as he stamped my ticket set on top of my library book. “Yeah, well I was out too much
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Unexpected Grinding at San Jose Coffee Shops

Some South Bay Vietnamese coffee shops now offer more than merely coffee to attract customers. We present to you the glorious nearly nude coffeeshops of San Jo, where pasties, thongs, fishnet and bare women abound. Angry wives often send video footage to Councilwoman Madison Nguyen demanding

Do-It-Yourself Boudoir Photography

Sex on Tuesday

When separated from your significant other by distance (or even when not), a sensual photo of yourself can be something intimate and very sexy to give them.  Also, very hot to receive, from either sex. Unfortunately, boudoir photography does have a little bit of a barrier to entry.  The easiest
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