Occupy Cal moves ahead

Occupy Cal encourages support, looks forward to May First Day of Action

Sean Goebel/File
Thousands of students came out on November 15th, 2011 to listen to Robert Reich speak and to participate in the Occupy Cal general assembly. (Sean Goebel/File)

Welcome to the open university. This message is offered to passersby on Sproul Plaza as students and local activists gather every now and then for impromptu outdoor lectures presented by Occupy Cal instead of UC Berkeley. Occupy Cal made national headlines when the establishment of its camp on November 9
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Living in Berkeley

Which option will you choose?

1.Dorms Dorms are a fantastic place for new students to get their first taste of the diversity of our student body. In order to live in the dorms, you have to apply and will receive a housing offer which shows you which dorm you’ve been placed in. You are able
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UC, students respond to cuts

Following $750 million in state budget cuts this year, UC Berkeley, the UC system and the legislature react

In the past few years, a large concern for students at UC Berkeley and across the country has been the increasing cost of attending college. Tuition for University of California students has increased steadily over the last few years, and students face additional fee increases and cuts to campus services
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Rising costs of textbooks prove to be concerning

Rising textbook costs have become an increasing financial concern for students, leaving many to look for ways to alleviate the costs by renting textbooks and advocating for digital textbooks. “The issue is that the average student spends around $900 a year on textbooks,” Lucas Zucker, a UC Berkeley senior and
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Dormitories face overflow, criticism

New Maximo Martinez Commons on Channing Way to open during fall

UC Berkeley’s on-campus housing has undergone many changes over the last year, including dealing with overcrowding, the potential for rising housing costs and the construction of the new student complex. Historically, more than 95 percent of freshman students choose to live in university housing, according Marty Takimoto, director of marketing
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What I wish I had known as a freshman

Coming to Cal for college was one of the biggest challenges I decided to take — supposedly, at least. As an international student from halfway across the world, I get a lot of “wow”s at my grand introduction of, “I’m from Hong Kong,” and even as I say this, I
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