Television network A&E perpetually misrepresents criminal justice system


A&E stands at the forefront of documentary and reality series about topics related to criminal justice. And while, at first glance, it may seem admirable that the network is raising awareness for the unseen and unheard narratives of incarcerated communities, these shows often result in generalized and misguided tales of life behind bars, as well as the people who experience the justice system first-hand.
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Editor’s note: Criminal Justice 2018

This issue of the Daily Cal is devoted to exposing these injustices. From important “prison-to-school pipelines” to problematic representations of individuals in the justice system, our stories aim to feature important voices and challenge those who exploit them.
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California inmates are fighting fires with meager pay and preparation. This is modern-day slavery

STATE ISSUES: The state cannot continue putting incarcerated individuals in the path of California’s deadliest fires, justifying inhumane and exploitative working conditions

In the last few months, thousands of firefighters have mobilized to fight the deadliest wildfire in California history. These individuals put their lives on the line. And hundreds of them are paid only $1 an hour for this brutal work, are minimally trained and end their shifts in chains. They are California inmates.
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