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It’s an exciting year to be a student at UC Berkeley. With the times being as financially trying as they are, the UC is at a turning point. With the it’s immediate financial security hinging on voter’s passing Prop. 30 at the polls in Nov. For the first time, the
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Summer news in review

Even though many students leave UC Berkeley for the summer, news continues to happen. Here is a brief look at the major news that occurred over the summer, from news that happened in and around Berkeley, to national news with implications for Berkeley students: May 16: The campus announced the
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Renovation to Lower Sproul Plaza continues into fall

With the relocation of the UC Berkeley Career Center to Bancroft Way, this summer began the extensive $223 million renovation of the Lower Sproul Plaza that will continue in through the fall, designed to make the area more lively for students by improving the area’s functionality, safety and overall appearance.
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As November election approaches, student advocacy increases

As state funding continues to be an unreliable source for the university, increasing tuition has often become the go-to solution for a board struggling to maintain the university’s academic potential while balancing its checkbooks — despite opposition by individual members of the board, some UC administrators and many students. With
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Making up your mind

For an opinion columnist, I don’t have very strong opinions. Judging by the responses of virtually every English teacher I’ve had to my “too ambiguous” thesis statements, it’s safe to say that I am — and have pretty much always been — undecided about what I really think. Now that
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A preview of the amazing lineup of artists coming to Berkeley this fall

I remember sitting in the back of the 1 bus, riding down Telegraph to my first ever show at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Dressed in a totally impractical outfit, watching the little dot on my iPhone venture down Telegraph Avenue to make sure that we didn’t miss our stop,
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A walk down Telegraph

A stroll through Telegraph Avenue’s influence on the campus community

Take a walk through the iconic green arches of Sather Gate will find yourself at the historical starting point of one of the most defining passageways of the city of Berkeley: Telegraph Avenue. Today, with campus expansion, the street begins at the intersection with Bancroft Way and stretches for 4.5
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Looking back at the renovation of the Bears' football stadium

Since its opening in 1923 to host UC Berkeley’s annual Big Game against longtime rival Stanford University, Memorial Stadium has undergone plenty of renovations and has seen many students and football teams come and go from its perch overlooking the campus and the San Francisco Bay. This fall will mark
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