The Upper Crust

A taste of Berkeley's favorite pizza cooperatives

The Cheese Board Collective and Zachary’s Chicago Pizza: at first mention, the two seem like vastly different pizzerias, except for the fact that at peak hours their lines stretch around their respective corners. While Cheese Board offers a single daily flavor on a sourdough crust with toppings ranging from corn
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Do the brew

A guide to brewing beer at home

My cousin asked if I still shower. A friend asked if it was poisonous. My dad asked if I was making meth. While I might not be Walter White, I do have a little in common with Hank Schrader. No, it’s not because I have a rock — oh wait,
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Table for one, please

Don’t worry,” I told the cashier as I tried to stop the blood flowing from my nose. “I’m used to this.” He gave me a puzzled look before gesturing to the restaurant’s kitchen and telling me to wash my hands there when I was ready. The nosebleed — which conveniently
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Global Gastronomy

From the mouth-watering short ribs of Korea to the enticing enchiladas of Mexico, relish in the rich and diverse international tastes of Berkeley. French: Gregoire Ah, les français. Ce sont les pamplemousses meilleurs. Translation: I did not do well in French class. But, I did do particularly well duriing the
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Go Ask Alice: An exclusive interview with Alice Waters

Alice Waters speaks the same way she cooks, the same way she eats — with intention. Like the ingredients she selects to prepare beautiful meals, her words are thoughtful and chosen with care. Waters began our conversation with mention of this year’s National Heirloom Exposition, describing the event with the
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Berkeley restaurants showcase sustainability

The sustainability of food is something that weighs heavily on the minds of many Berkeley residents when they choose where to dine out. The term refers to food produced in a way that does not diminish its finite supply. What is most important in defining the scope of sustainability is
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The ‘Crossroads’ of healthy eating

Cal Dining staff members provide advice for students who want to eat balanced dining commons meals.

Before 5 p.m. most nights, a crowd of students forms outside the Crossroads campus dining hall, all eager to eat their fill and get on with their evening plans. When the doors are unlocked, the students file in, but despite the multitude of options Crossroads offers, a line always forms
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Coffee Buzz

A look at the coffee empires that rule Berkeley

We live in a world of underground coffee mafias and warring roasteries. That’s an exaggeration, but have you ever noticed the same cups, coffee or employees at multiple local coffee shops? Berkeley’s anti-chain mentality is part of what makes it so uniquely perfect for the independent bookstore and cafe culture.
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The Meal Deal

Eating out is far more than an excuse to avoid washing dishes. It is a lifestyle. Where you eat, as much as what you eat, epitomizes your inner being. But on a student’s low budget and busy schedule, this high standard occasionally falls short. For breakfast, you may find yourself
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