Making friends 101

Let’s face it — at one point or another, we’ve all felt the daunting pressure to be a “Golden Bear” among 25,885 other undergraduates who also proudly bear the name. How does one reach out, connect with others and eventually form a community within one of the nation’s largest student
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The City for Beginners

A guide to San Francisco, the city across the bay

So you made it into Berkeley, and here you are, ready to begin a brand new chapter of your life in a place you may know nothing about. And my advice to you? Leave. Let me elaborate: there’s no reason to limit yourself to campus, no matter how much fun
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Words of Wisdom for Freshmen

You’ve got your coffee in hand, a printout of your schedule, and you’re planning to get to class early because Berkeley time just sounds too good to be true. But don’t let the temptations of being surrounded by “your kind of people,” being able to skip class and having your
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Keep warm and carry an umbrella

Have you heard horror stories of the massive snow storms and below-zero winters back East? Or of the destructive tornados and sweltering humidity of the South? Maybe you’ve heard of the never-ending rain and gloom of the Pacific Northwest? Or of the beautiful, warm and breezy weather that graces the
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Politically Occupied: a recap of the past year’s political events at UC Berkeley

A look back at a busy year of protests and activism on campus and beyond

For a university that has protesting in its DNA, tensions understandably flared over rising tuition costs, affirmative action and the Occupy Movement, as well as police presence on campus following a large protest in November 2011. While it’s impossible to predict the future, we can look back at events that
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Eating Outside the Box

When most freshmen settle into the many residence halls a block or two off Telegraph Avenue, they’ll immediately enjoy the freedom and proximity to new people that comes with dorm life. One benefit that sours quickly for new students is the dining commons buffet. In the beginning, an unlimited amount
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Keeping the Flame Lit

My friend Kylan Nieh spent much of his childhood dreaming of entering the Olympics with the U.S. men’s gymnastics team. When I met him through a technology program in high school, he had already been competing against current national team members for eight years but had suffered a serious elbow
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Lecture Lust: A list of famous courses at Cal

A sample of classes that students of all majors can appreciate.

Public Policy C103 “Wealth and Poverty” taught by Professor Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, is always packed with students and auditors. Reich guides the class through the factors that contribute to the gap between the rich and poor and the policies aimed at shrinking it. Many
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The Berkeley Experience

Whether you’re an 18-year-old freshman or a more seasoned transfer student, college is a life-changing experience, and at Cal it is infinitely more so: decades of tradition, excellent academics and some of the brightest minds all crammed together in a region that already has several claims to fame. The first
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The Berzerkeley Phrasebook

Your guide to Berkeley Lingo

Asian Ghetto-A collection of restaurants located on Durant Avenue. Formally named Durant Food Court, this location consists of several eateries that predominantly serve Asian cuisine at an affordable price between $7 and $15. Main Stacks-Four underground floors below the Doe library that house the university’s millions of books. Unlike the
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