The season of gifting: Editor’s note

With gifts, feasts and kisses from extended family members impending, winter sure can be a stressful season. While we at The Daily Californian might not be able to intervene in the inevitable holiday drama, we can do our best to make the process of preparing gifts as painless as possible with our first-ever Holiday Buying Guide.
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That’s a wrap

We’ve all struggled with this age-old dilemma: How to wrap gifts in a presentable fashion, rather than just covering them with wrapping paper and hoping that no one notices just how much tape you used to secure your creation. That’s why we’ve prepared step-by-step instructions so you can wrap in style, impressing
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Shopping in the Bay

Don’t know where to do your holiday shopping? Do you always buy your parents oversized Cal T-shirts and mugs and want to switch up your gift-giving routine? Check out our map of Berkeley below to get ideas for where to buy gifts for your friends and family.

Hint, hint: How to drop hints about your holiday wish list

As you’re sitting with your family, you find yourself plastering a smile on your face and thanking your grandmother for a heinous sweater that you will never, ever, ever wear. Hopefully, this guide to telling people what you want for the holidays will help you avoid yet another round of awkwardly thanking someone for what will eventually become fireplace kindling.
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Chancellor Dirks’ wishlist

When it comes to buying gifts for your most beloved school administrator, there’s no need to play the guessing game. Tailored for Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, this buying guide will ensure that you’ll be gifting the top administrator of the No. 1 public university in the world with the No. 1 gift he deserves.
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