Thumb Wars: The Great Divide

Is Northside or Southside a better place to live in?

Team Northside The immediate response for many people when faced with Northside as a living option is that it’s too far from everything else, i.e. Southside. I’ll admit that was my original stance. But after living in the nether region north of campus for the past nine months, I’ve come
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Desperation overrules reason

In retrospect, these irregularities should have been the first warning signs. But desperation prevailed, and we signed and returned the document as quickly as we could, eager to end our protracted search for next year’s home.
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Seismic safety worries city

More than seven years ago, Berkeley enacted the Soft Story Ordinance to mitigate the dangers of buildings with structurally unsupportive ground levels. Hundreds of Berkeley properties meet the city’s soft-story definition — a wood-frame structure with five or more units and a ground level containing large openings like storefronts, garages or tuck-under parking.
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