An alternative way of living in Berkeley: Sleeping in a van

Davíd Rodríguez/Senior Staff
Charles Garfinkle checks his phone inside his van parked on Northside before heading out the door Thursday morning. DAVÍD RODRÍGUEZ/SENIOR STAFF

Charles Garfinkle lived at the Berkeley Student Cooperative, or BSC, for five years of his neuroscience doctoral program at UC Berkeley. When he decided to take a break from the program to be part of a startup company, he was no longer guaranteed room and board at the BSC. As
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Steps to finding housing with image for each step

A how-to for finding your next place

After six months of walking to your dorm after long days, it’s time to worry about where you’ll be snoozing away when you miss those 8 a.m.s during sophomore year — a home where you can procrastinate and then do homework into the early morning, and a bed to curl up in for those cold winter nights.
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Berkeley’s housing empire built on fraud and sexual slavery

I began paying rent to Everest Properties in 2017. My roommate had chanced upon an available apartment after weeks of dead ends, and we snatched it up in time for the fall semester — a stroke of luck in Berkeley’s frustrating housing market. While it was a blessing to have a roof over my head, knowing that I entered into a contract with that company causes my stomach to turn.
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