September 22 UC Berkeley Day of Action Video Series

These five videos follow the Day of Action starting at the noon rally on Upper Sproul, following the protestors to the occupation of Tolman Hall, until the final, chaotic confrontation in the Tolman lobby. The Daily Cal multimedia team on this project included Kelly Fang, Sara Hayden, Kelly Lin, Kevin
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Fiestas Patrias

A tradition of 20 years at UC Berkeley, the Fiestas Patrias celebrates the independence of Latin American countries. The event, organized by Raza brings students of all cultures together to dance and celebrate.

Berkeley Old Time Music Convention

On September 16, musicians came from all over the country to participate in the five day convention featuring traditional string-band, tap dancing, fiddling performances and more.

Daily Cal articles following 9/11 attacks: ‘Our Nation Saw Evil’

Below is a collection of articles that The Daily Californian printed in its September 12, 2001 issue. We hope this will illustrate and convey the atmosphere among the campus community immediately following the attacks. — ‘OUR NATION SAW EVIL’ HIJACKED AIRPLANES RAM INTO WORLD TRADE CENTER, PENTAGON; AIRWAYS, STOCK MARKETS
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New class focuses on funding for athletics

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article was an incomplete draft posted due to a technical error. The version you see below is the final version, as published in print on Thursday, August 25, 2011. This fall, a few faculty members will teach a freshman seminar that focuses on
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Fall Orientation Editors’ Note

This year, things are turning around in more ways than one. The Cal Bears will be playing at a smaller, more inconvenient location as the renovations to  Memorial Stadium continue to progress. State funding cuts to the University of California currently total $650 million for this year, with more potentially
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