Not warfare, but fanfare

In Don DeLillo’s “End Zone,” one of the characters remarks halfway through the novel that there is no need to metaphorically confuse football with warfare. The waving banners, bands and hordes of screaming fans do not recall military imagery, he says, and the warriors charging and bleeding up and down
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Homecoming 2011 editors’ note

For many Cal alums, San Francisco is the norm — they work, socialize and live there. For students, though, the City is usually little more than a chic afternoon getaway from the rigors Berkeley life. But this semester is different for us. This Homecoming is different for us. With Memorial
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Dreams from my father

Isi Sofele’s father never had a chance to attend college and play football, so he quit his job and trained his kids. Now his son is Cal’s starting running back and living his father’s dream.

When Isi Sofele was 11 years old, he made it to nationals in track. There was just one problem — it cost $1,200 to go. Sofele had one question: How much would it cost to bring his whole family too? “He knew money was an issue for us,” his mother
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Basic instinct

Sean Cattouse left his home at quarterback to travel across the country to play defense for Cal. Now a senior leading the secondary, Cattouse knows his instincts didn’t lead him astray.

It’s December 2006 and Sean Cattouse is stranded in a hotel room over 1,800 miles from his home. This is not how he envisioned his official visit to a school that had shown interest in him for several months. His player sponsor, Brandon Jones, is nowhere to be found and
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Guess who’s Zach

Zach Maynard's stats won't blow anyone away, but the junior transfer has still changed the face of the Cal football team.

Zach Maynard’s favorite memory involves snow — lots of snow. It was a cold North Carolina winter, and he and his brother, Keenan, were playing in their grandmother’s backyard. A cardboard box was lying around, so they broke it down into makeshift snowboards to see who could slide down the
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