Parting thoughts: leading through not leading

The following is a farewell column from our 2012 Graduation Issue. Read the other farewell columns here. This column is written for all you once and future leaders out there. In other words, it’s written for everyone. The question of “governance” and how it relates to the community is truly
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Parting thoughts: the need for diversity of opinion

The following is a farewell column from our 2012 Graduation Issue. Read the other farewell columns here. Whenever I travel to Republican events around the state, the first question is almost always, “So tell me, is it hard to be a Republican at Berkeley?” They assume that my daily life
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Parting thoughts: why political action matters

The following is a farewell column from our 2012 Graduation Issue. Read the other farewell columns here. How can a person best effect meaningful social change? I became involved in Democratic politics by grappling with that question. I arrived at Berkeley in fall of 2008 as the state field coordinator
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Last lecture notes

Professors' advice for graduating seniors

The Daily Californian reached out to professors for advice they had to offer to graduating seniors. The following is a collection of responses. Professors who responded: Robert Beatty, Professor of Molecular Cell Biology Robert Birgeneau, Chancellor Robin Einhorn, Professor of History Alex Filippenko, Professor of Astronomy Richard Muller, Professor of
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2012 Graduation Issue: Cal Meets World

For many of us, these have been the fastest few years of our lives. We find ourselves buying caps and gowns, preparing some final farewells and wondering where all that time could have possibly gone. In this 2012 Graduation Issue, we look to provide some parting perspectives, advice and information
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Debt levels differ for colleges

Come graduation day, some students may find themselves more concerned with their tuition bills than their college degrees. Last year’s college seniors graduated on average nationwide with $25,250 of student debt. However, compared to the nation, UC Berkeley students on average find themselves carrying a lighter debt load. While the
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One senior questions if degree was worth debt

Student faces uncertain future with about $29,000 that must be repaid

Navid Shaghaghi’s three undergraduate years at UC Berkeley featured a string of unique, successful experiences — he participated in the Occupy Cal and Open University movements, worked with faculty members to set up Earth Day activities, regularly reviewed academic papers with fellow members of the Philosophy Club and took classes
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Living in Berkeley

Which option will you choose?

1.Dorms Dorms are a fantastic place for new students to get their first taste of the diversity of our student body. In order to live in the dorms, you have to apply and will receive a housing offer which shows you which dorm you’ve been placed in. You are able
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UC, students respond to cuts

Following $750 million in state budget cuts this year, UC Berkeley, the UC system and the legislature react

In the past few years, a large concern for students at UC Berkeley and across the country has been the increasing cost of attending college. Tuition for University of California students has increased steadily over the last few years, and students face additional fee increases and cuts to campus services
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