The worst commercial of March Madness

Do you hate that Buick commercial with Peter Frampton? So do we.

The CBS online streaming package of March Madness has been the easiest four dollars I’ve spent this year. With high-definition coverage of all 67 games, it is the perfect way to follow the tournament for a TV-less college student like me. Well, almost perfect. Like in many other great American
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As the NCAA tournaments progress, we will update this March Madness page with more content, with coverage from the First Four to the Final Four. Scroll down for features, columns, game previews and recaps, as well as podcasts, videos and blog posts.

Heart and bones

Pac-12 Player of the Year Jorge Gutierrez is the rare star who excels not just because of talent but through will, resolve and heart. Not yet graduated, the senior guard has already become a legend at Cal.

Most kids dream about hitting game-winning shots. As the clock ticks down in their imaginary NBA Finals or NCAA Tournament, they step back and release. Swish. Not Jorge Gutierrez. His dream scenario: diving for a steal and hurling the ball down court for a transition dunk. “I just want the
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Confessions of a displaced Jayhawk

“Damn.” All parents have that story of their child’s first time cursing. “Taylor! You can’t say that!” To which four-year-old me responded, “I know Mommy. It’s only OK when I’m watching Kansas.” Boy, did my dad get in trouble for that one. March Madness has been in my blood since
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