City maintains shower program for homeless

They huddled under the awning outside the swim center, some clutching half-empty bottles of shampoo, others, half-empty bottles of liquor. They were the homeless of Berkeley, waiting outside the closed pool at Willard Middle School to take their Saturday morning showers. The city has run a daily shower program at
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UC may see additional $100 million cut

Already battered by state funding cuts that have caused a fee increase and program reductions at all 10 of its campuses, the UC could be forced to absorb an additional $100 million in cuts if state revenues continue to lag into the new year. Under the current state budget designed
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Badminton like a pro

“Badminton? Oh, isn’t that the backyard game with the feathery things and the rackets? Yeah, I play that all the time at family barbeques!”That is almost the exact reaction I get when I tell people I play badminton. However, what these people do not know is that badminton is a
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Cheap as Chips

Forget BART fare — come check out these local activities that are cheaper than a bag of chips.

Pedal to the Medal As a freshman, I loved being able to sit on my bike and roll downhill from Foothill to VLSB in less than three minutes.  Gravity carried me, while my classmates sprinted across campus.  Instead of sweat down my shirt, I had the wind blowing through my
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The Story So Far

Budget cuts and changes for the UC mean challenges for the incoming class

There are a lot of ways to measure how the University of California has changed in the last few years. You could look at systemwide fees, which ran around $6,636 a year in 2007 but have since risen to $12,192 this year and may well climb higher. Or the growing
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