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Welcome to UC Berkeley! You hold in your hands The Daily Californian’s first ever CalSO issue. This is probably a first for you, too: your first formal experience on campus getting to know what it will be like to attend Cal. One of our goals with this issue is to
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Getting around Berkeley

Commuting Although perfect for grocery shopping, owning a car in Berkeley can be a hassle when dealing with traffic and parking. Student campus permits can run up to $327 per semester, and if you’re lucky enough to score street parking, watch out for the city’s parking enforcement officers, as they
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Moving pains & remedies

A guide to making life easier for that big move

This is it — you’ve found your place, paid the lease and signed the papers. Now it’s time to move in. Don’t be fooled, though — moving in is perhaps the most daunting task you’ll have to tackle before you settle into your new home. Luckily, we’ve provided a few
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Welcome to two years in Berkeley

Welcome, Berkeley transfers! Welcome to one of the most difficult yet glorious times of your life. Most of your CalSO experience will be a good-natured, good time, but if you’re like me, you’ll chafe just a tiny bit at the fact that this day seems tailor-made for freshmen and not
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Your guide to campus libraries

Picking out the top 4 campus libraries to study in

If you ask the average UC Berkeley student how many libraries there are on campus, you will most likely receive a perplexed gawk and an incorrect answer. Amid the majestic allure of the Doe Library — Gardner Main Stacks and the North Reading Room — it can be incredibly easy
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