Photo of Berkeley Police station

Berkeley police officers don LGBTQ+ Pride pins, locals disapprove

Berkeley police department, or BPD, announced in a press release on June 1 that officers can wear queer pride pins to “support” the queer community.

Berkeley Police Department, or BPD, announced in a press release June 1 that officers will be allowed to wear queer pride pins — a decision made in “commitment to, and support of,” the LGBTQ+ community.
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Infographic depicting archive records of campus's LGBTQ+ history

‘Gay Bears!’: Online archive chronicles UC Berkeley LGBTQ+ history

Former campus archivist William Benemann was going through the Social Protest Collection in the Bancroft Library when he came across a mimeographed form from 1970 written by campus’s Gay Students Union. The form asked former California governor Ronald Reagan to attend the first openly-gay dance on campus after he told a KQED reporter that he hadn’t been invited.
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The reality of coming out

With Pride

There’s almost always the white, cisgender, straight-sized protagonist and their exploration of their queerness, all packed with a nice little bow and colorful pop music. There’s never a plus-sized, anxious, brown bisexual floundering in college.
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