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Taking sex out of the bedroom and putting it into the classroom

Michael Drummond /Senior Staff
In honor of National Condom Week, members of the Sex 101 DeCal and other students with the Tang Center's Sexual Health Education Program passed out free condoms and lube across Upper Sproul.
Consistent with its liberal reputation, UC Berkeley offered a wide variety of courses on sex-related topics this spring semester. These topics range from the analysis and history of porn to discussions about how sexuality and gender affect social work. Perhaps the most well known of these classes are the ones
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What I learned about sex in college

I lost my virginity at 16 years old. It happened in the Foothill dorms over the summer of 2009 at a so-called “academic” precollege program — which was mostly a hook-up camp for oversexed high-schoolers with little academia involved. Throughout the two-minute ordeal, from the moment he put it in to his final groan as he collapsed on top of me, I recall thinking, “This can’t be it. This just can’t.”
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