Sex Issue 2015: Editors’ note

Haley Williams/Staff

The Daily Californian celebrates sexual diversity with its annual Sex Issue by breaking down stereotypes, shedding light on the culture of sex and sharing the many ways UC Berkeley students have previously shown and continue to show the world how they commit to sexual freedom and expression.
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The ins and outs to your exploration with sex toys

My first-ever real-life sex toy was the result of an awkward conversation with my now-boyfriend, who insisted that I would benefit from learning more about my body. I was reluctant, but as soon as the purple, jelly dildo, reeking of chemicals and unfamiliarity, arrived in the mail, my curiosity won over whatever anxieties I held.
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Familiar Strangers

Random pairs of strangers reveal their first impressions of each other. Then, well-established couples find out if they can identify their partners’ personal favorites and recall their special memories together. Filmed by Chris Vinan, Michael Ma, Moet Sawamura Edited by Chris Vinan, Michael Ma