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Roll on you bears

Welcome Freshmen Issue 2014

The best apps to download for college

As the No. 1 school for computer science majors and a meager 50-mile hop away from Silicon Valley, UC Berkeley students are known for their tech savvy. Even if you are terrified of the very concept of coding, today’s smartphone apps allow for even the average Joe on campus to
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Editor’s Note

Freshman year is an exciting time for all. Especially when considering that you are entering the world’s No. 1 public university, it’s easy to be nervous. We at The Daily Californian have filled this year’s Welcome Freshmen special issue with advice on how to make this year the best yet.
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Love affair with my major

During my first year of college, I dated eight different majors — history, Middle Eastern studies, sociology, history of art, anthropology, rhetoric, peace and conflict studies and philosophy — all of which gave me some great memories. There were good times with all of them, and they all had my
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Big and small, your college experiences have an impact

Everything that has ever happened to you — your decision to go to Pappy’s on Friday night instead of studying for your midterm, your choice to sit next to a stranger at Free Speech Movement Cafe out of sheer desperation or even your involuntary nap in Moffit — all of
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How to avoid (or gain) the Freshman 15

It can be difficult to keep the Freshman 15 in mind when you go to the dining commons or out to dinner with a group of new friends during Welcome Week. Berkeley’s foodie culture means there’s no shortage of options to enchant your taste buds and keep you exploring the
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The meaning of unprofessional extracurriculars

When I first got to UC Berkeley as a freshman, I knew exactly how I was going to spend the next four years of my life outside of class. I was going to join Dil Se, the South Asian a cappella group that I had been religiously following on Facebook
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