No need to fear, Underdog Bears are here

In one soon-to-be iconic photo, our very own Sean Goebel captured the essence of Berkeley in one of its finest moments. With heralded professor Robert Reich on the microphone before thousands of listeners, Reich addressed an attentive crowd about the importance of strength, solidarity and the role of public education.
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Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week 11

No. 1: Oregon (9-1, 7-0) Chip Kelly is the best coach in college football and a loss to open the season will likely derail a team that should compete for the national championship. Donning black helmets and black socks in the fashion of Darth Vader, the Ducks showed off their
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Conference Questions

Will Oregon return to the title game? A week ago, the talk was that if Stanford beat Oregon on Saturday, the Cardinal would be in great position to reach the BCS national championship game. After the Ducks’ 53-30 win at Stanford, they are now the ones with a chance to
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Take it, Isi

Isi is short for Isileli. It’s an island name, Isi Sofele says, and translates to Israel. That’s not surprising. After all, Sofele sure seemed like he was running to the promised land on Saturday night. There’s just something special about this junior tailback. He sprinted and darted, surged and slowed,
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Bears run past Beavers to gain bowl eligibility

SAN FRANCISCO — The Cal football team wasn’t perfect on Saturday night, but bowl berths are not priced for perfection. Six wins is all that’s asked, so with a 23-6 victory over Oregon State that was relentless if unspectacular, the Bears extended their schedule to 13 games. Along the way,
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Live Blog: Cal vs. Oregon State

Follow along as the Daily Cal football beat writers give play-by-play and analysis of the Cal-Oregon State game live from AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Go father, go further

Only 21 years old, Marvin Jones has become a great dad.

Interstate 5 is one of the arteries of West Coast traffic, a mighty vein chugging through Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle. It is where trucks run from the Mexican to Canadian border, where commuting minivans shoot through twisting highway junctions. But when it hugs the edge of California’s Central Valley, the
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Wild thing

Will Kapp rattles bones on the field, feasting for contact on special teams and at fullback. In the classroom, he prefers not to pick fights.

With the ball in the air, Will Kapp came charging down the field at full-speed. The special teams demon found his man clad in powder blue. The two collided full force, head-to-head. Kapp doesn’t say anything as he runs back to the sideline. He didn’t have to. “He had blood
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Ball so hard

Seven years ago, C.J. Anderson's high school friend was killed. The Cal tailback plays on in his memory.

Life is tragedy, confront it. Walk into the Jesse Bethel High School weight room and there is a 16-line poem about life that begins “Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.” This poem is dedicated to Michael Tracy Pennerman Jr., a former Bethel student who was killed after sustaining injuries
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The times they have not been a-changin’

The last time the Cal football team beat Oregon State, Barack Obama was simply a promising junior senator from Illinois and Jeff Tedford had yet to begin aging like a president. Back in 2006, Pluto was still a planet, Green Day was winning Grammy awards and the St. Louis Cardinals
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