Signed, sealed, delivered

Defensive backs coach Ashley Ambrose is taking the lessons he learned from his NFL career and imparting them onto his recruits and players.

What do you like? What would you like for me to hear? What would you like for me to say? This is what Ashley Ambrose asks high schoolers when he sits in their living room with their parents and recruits them to come play football at Cal. It’s not an
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Thank God I’m a country boy

Junior center Dominic Galas enjoys fishing and hunting and doesn’t even own an iPod. He’s a true country boy — and it shows on the field.

Drive far enough east on 580 to Manteca, Calif., and you’ll be forced into a decision. Either switch on to the 99 north to Sacramento or south to Los Angeles, or take a right turn toward a scratched highway sign scrawled 1-2-0. 120 takes you through the California where the
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Head games

After his big miss against Oregon last year, kicker Giorgio Tavecchio spent the summer reading a book on athletes’ mental states. Now the senior is having his best season yet.

On Nov. 13, 2010, Cal found itself on the wrong side of a 13-15 score late in the third quarter against No. 1 Oregon. After quarterback Brock Mansion led a sustained drive — a rarity on the night — down to the Ducks’ seven-yard line, Cal place kicker Giorgio Tavecchio
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Cal fans got what they wished for

Night falls and the wolves howl loudly and deeply in the comment boxes and message boards. “Fire Tedford!” they bark. The howls grow progressively louder as the clock ticks on the embarrassing loss to UCLA. Wretched! shouts one. Bad playcalling! shouts the other. Resign! says the third. My answer: Dream.
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Maynard under fire yet still under center

Zach Maynard is still the Cal football team’s starting quarterback. Heading into Saturday’s 3:30 p.m. game against Washington State, this may not be what Bears fans wanted to hear. Take the commute across the bay and into San Francisco’s AT&T Park — chances are, you’ll hear some unfavorable opinions of
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Pac-12 Power Rankings: Week 9

No. 1: Stanford (8-0, 6-0) Now wasn’t that fun? Stanford proved that it is resilient, talented and now a major contender for the national championship. USC played the Cardinal hard. Really hard. Triple-overtime hard. But great teams respond to the other teams’ best effort and still find a way to
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Conference Questions

What quarterback should start on Saturday for Oregon? Darron Thomas, even if he allegedly smokes weed in speeding vehicles with Cliff Harris, is the recognized Oregon starting quarterback. He was the guy who led the team to the national title game last season and was one of the best performers
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The sound of silence shoots through Cal postgame

PASADENA, Calif. — Left hand in his pocket, right arm leaning on the podium, Jeff Tedford stood silently Saturday evening, wearied and forlorn. Asked about a quarterback change for next week after current starter Zach Maynard threw four picks in Cal’s 31-14 loss, the head coach chewed his gum and
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Turnovers kill Cal’s chances against UCLA

PASADENA, Calif — Down 31-14 with only 54 seconds remaining, Zach Maynard lofted a pass downfield to a streaking Michael Calvin. It was a meaningless pass in a meaningless situation in an otherwise meaningless game. As the ball fell through Calvin’s open hands and hit the turf to end Cal’s
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Cal vs. UCLA Live Blog

Follow along as the Daily Cal football beat writers give play-by-play and analysis of the Cal-UCLA game live from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.