Conference Questions

Can Washington upset Stanford? The No. 22 Huskies can certainly pull of an upset of No. 7 Stanford at the Farm on Saturday. But will they? Probably not. For starters, Stanford (6-0, 4-0 in the Pac-12) has Andrew Luck. The argument could end right here, but there’s more. Playing at
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Reflections on five years of futility

SAN FRANCISCO — I feel old, man. I’ve been out here since I was 17. I only missed two home games so I could visit my Grandfather. Yeah, I’ve gone and traveled on the road. Not in no Winnebago with them scantily clad sorority folk neither. My support doesn’t waver. I
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Five turnovers sink Bears against Trojans

SAN FRANCISCO — Zach Maynard and the Cal football team were stationed on the 10-yard line with perhaps the most necessary first-and-goal they had seen all season. With 55 ticks left in the first half, USC had already tossed up an effortless 20-0 lead. So Maynard lines up, takes the
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The many faces of Lane Kiffin.

A day in the life of Lane Kiffin

DISCLAIMER!!! This story is purely a work of fiction and satire. 8:03 a.m. Lane Kiffin, the USC football team’s 36-year-old head coach, wakes up early after a long night of work and goes for a jog with his dog. After charging two miles uphill, he yells at the lagging canine
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Dreams from my father

Isi Sofele’s father never had a chance to attend college and play football, so he quit his job and trained his kids. Now his son is Cal’s starting running back and living his father’s dream.

When Isi Sofele was 11 years old, he made it to nationals in track. There was just one problem — it cost $1,200 to go. Sofele had one question: How much would it cost to bring his whole family too? “He knew money was an issue for us,” his mother
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Basic instinct

Sean Cattouse left his home at quarterback to travel across the country to play defense for Cal. Now a senior leading the secondary, Cattouse knows his instincts didn’t lead him astray.

It’s December 2006 and Sean Cattouse is stranded in a hotel room over 1,800 miles from his home. This is not how he envisioned his official visit to a school that had shown interest in him for several months. His player sponsor, Brandon Jones, is nowhere to be found and
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Guess who’s Zach

Zach Maynard's stats won't blow anyone away, but the junior transfer has still changed the face of the Cal football team.

Zach Maynard’s favorite memory involves snow — lots of snow. It was a cold North Carolina winter, and he and his brother, Keenan, were playing in their grandmother’s backyard. A cardboard box was lying around, so they broke it down into makeshift snowboards to see who could slide down the
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USC wide receiver not dead wood

Following a losing season in 2010 and in the midst of a 2011 campaign that doesn’t seem that much more promising, Cal football fans can still take solace in one person — Keenan Allen. The sophomore wide receiver has lived up to his five-star billing so far in the season’s
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