Isi does it

Extras from Isi Sofele interview

On having seven siblings “I lost track. Too many of us. I don’t know how my parents did it. My mom is a strong woman. My dad just raised us all being athletes, trained us since we were younger.”

Bears had HOW many turnovers? #sad #typiCAL

So Thursday night, on ESPN, the Cal football team lost to the USC football team. This is not an unusual occurrence, seeing as how the USC football team has now come out victorious in such instances an astounding eight years in a row. That’s two full presidential terms, or the
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The odyssey of Cal’s loss to the Trojans

Instead of writing this story as an epic poem in dactylic hexameter, I decided to do another play-by-play of some of the key points in Cal’s loss to USC. All times are best estimates.

Presbyterian homesick blues

A play-by-play of Saturday's game

So what did this game tell us that we didn’t already know about the Cal football team? Not that much.

Extras from domination of Presbyterian

The numbers from the Cal football team’s 63-12 dismantling of Presbyterian college are gruesome. The Bears outgained the Blue Hose 581-48 in total yards, had three times as many touchdowns as Presbyterian had first downs and possessed the ball for twice as long. It was a game that was difficult
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The other side

The Daily Californian and the CU Independent, the University of Colorado’s daily student newspaper, have collaborated to bring wide-ranging coverage of Saturday’s matchup between Cal and Colorado. The CU Independent will be publishing a column reflecting the game by a Daily Cal football writer; below is analysis of the game
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Cal-Fresno postgame press conference

Selected quotes from Cal's 36-21 win at Candlestick

Cal head coach Jeff Tedford On initial impressions from the first game: “Obviously, there was a lot of rust, things that you need to fix as far as pregame jitters or whatever it is. Turning the ball over down deep. I thought our defense played excellent, but offensively, we still
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