Come together

Strength coach Mike Blasquez has brought a new philosophy to the Bears, and they are stronger for it.

Giana Tansman/Staff

When the Cal football team practices, nearly every member of the team dresses in similar fashion. Each player dons a polyester shirt; it might be blue, white or black, perhaps sleeveless, but the same words stretch over every chest: TEAM MATTERS. So the Bears are uniformed now, even out of
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No fear

Freshman cornerback Stefan McClure's rough performance against Oregon on national TV did not deter him. He came back the next week and helped shut down Robert Woods.

At two and a half, Stefan McClure had already learned how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. In the following few years, the future Cal cornerback became something of a daredevil. One time, he rode his bike down a hill with no hands. He crashed, of course, and scraped
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The route less traveled

Cal wide receivers coach Eric Kiesau went from Corporate America to a series of college football teams before resettling in Berkeley.

Eight minutes. A decent amount of time to show up before an appointment or the amount of time for a daily abs workout if you purchase videos from infomercials. It should take you about eight minutes to read this story. It’s 10:18 a.m. The air horn blares and practice ends.
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