Vereen on Super Bowl roster

Rookie running back Shane Vereen will be the lone Bear representing Cal in the Super Bowl this year. A native of Valencia, Calif., Vereen was drafted by the Patriots in the second round after foregoing his senior season to enter the NFL draft.

Cal torches Sun Devils with 68-47 win at Haas

There wasn’t much surprise when Jordan Bachynski, who at 7-foot-2 is the tallest basketball player in Arizona State history, used his five-inch advantage to win the opening tip against Cal’s David Kravish. And as the ball sailed back toward those black and gold uniforms, hope hung in the Haas Pavilion
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Bears head into the desert in search of defense

Usually if a team shuts out almost half of its opponents, it’s going to be pretty happy with how its defense has played. But apparently sometimes that benchmark means that the defense needs significant work. The Cal rugby team will look to shore up its defense as it takes a
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Bears look to upset talented USC squad

The USC men’s swim team consistently ranks among the best in the nation. In the 11 dual meets against Cal since 2000, the Trojans have been nationally ranked all but twice, reaching the top 10 seven of those years. Yet in spite of USC’s perennial talent, the Cal men’s swim
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Cal tops Hawaii with two fourth-quarter goals

With 2:25 left in the fourth quarter on Thursday, Cal coach Richard Corso decided he needed to slow the action down and call a timeout. The Bears had been scoreless for the entire second half and Hawaii had pulled within one point just minutes earlier. “I told the girls to
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Cal escapes Arizona duel with 78-74 OT win

For the second time in less than a week, the Cal women’s basketball team was heading into overtime in unfamiliar territory. Those two overtime games looked surprisingly similar, with two underdogs stealing the second half. But the difference between the Bears’ opponents is night and day. Last Saturday, Cal launched
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Bears drop first home game in topsy-turvy tilt

The boos rained down in Haas Pavilion as the first half ended. The ruckus continued after the buzzer sounded, as Cal coach Mike Montgomery got a few more words in with the referees after 20 minutes of evil stares. It reached a deafening crescendo when the three men in striped
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Some might say

These past two weeks have been a little too chaotic for my taste. And while it was a crazy couple of weeks for the fans, think what a circus it must have been for the recruits. Imagine getting convinced by a coach that Berkeley is the place you want play
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Say a little prayer

Allen Crabbe’s range extends all the way to half court. He just doesn’t always shoot.

Allen Crabbe can shoot, plain and simple. He’s a shooter. It’s in his blood, pulsing powerfully in his veins. Just watch him launch a jumper — feet set, flick of the wrist, perfect release. His shooting motion is mechanically sound; his follow-through, flawless. The arc of his 3-pointer, like a
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