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Living with chickens

By Madeleine Siegel

Growing up, I had two favorite bedtime stories from my mom’s past. One was about a tractor in the rain, and the other was about chickens. My mom grew up on a dairy farm in Darien, Wisconsin, a town of 800-some people at the time. When my grandparents got married
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Michael Drummond/Senior Staff

Reflections on a first semester

By Negin Shahiar

I read once that within 60 seconds of meeting people, we’ve already passed judgment on them. The first few weeks of college were filled with an endless muddle of these moments: new faces and never-ending smalltalk. We freshmen mindlessly asked and answered the same series of questions: name, hometown, major.
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Charlotte Passot/Staff

Season’s Greetings

By Sahil Chinoy

I went to our favorite cafe last week, the one we’re pretty sure is a drug front. But not like, a marijuana front — something more exotic, to match the walls crowded with beautiful paintings of geese in flight. Opium, probably. Despite everything that had happened between us, the cafe
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Interview: Michael Lewis, author and financial journalist

By Sam Strimling

Michael Lewis is a Berkeley resident and has written and published 14 books and numerous magazine articles. His first book, “Liar’s Poker” (1989), was a memoir about his experience as a bond trader for the investment bank Salomon Brothers in the late 1980s, and he has since written several nonfiction
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Weekender Picks

By Weekender Editors

If you haven’t already, be sure to make your way through Chris Rock’s essay in The Hollywood Reporter on how Hollywood is “a white industry.” — Curan Mehra Here are three people to listen to: “The world won’t get no better / if we just let it be.” Wu-Tang Clan
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