Kayla Baskevitch/Staff

Photo Essay: This Is How We Goodbye

By Kayla Baskevitch

This photo series consists of of snapshots I took while visiting my family for my grandmother’s memorial service. I think I took all these photos as a way to cope with saying goodbye to both my grandmother and her home, where I had spent many childhood summers. I started out trying
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Chaitanya Lall /Staff

Poem: Black Spanish Coffee

By Zackary Kiebach

Black Spanish coffee bring lips to cup slurp itch nose think of her slurp smoke like water from neglected 40-something Spanish señora cigarette dims so she slurps bubbles itch nose think of her 40 nails (two 40-something Spanish señoras) painted marmalade slurp think of her 6:05 AM in California two
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My friend back east

By Alejandra Vasquez

One night, about two months ago, I was scrolling through my contacts and noticed the name “Brooklyn Sam.” I have so many contacts in my phone that are vague products of drunken encounters, such as “Aahahahaha,” “Florida Kiiiid,” “Tim????,” or just “(((.” But somehow, Brooklyn Sam particularly enticed me. I
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Picks of the week

By Weekender Editors

On Tuesday, Passion Pit will be releasing its much-awaited for third studio album, Kindred. The 10-track album is available to stream live now on iTunes First Play here. The first single off the record, “Lifted Up (1985),” was released in mid-February and created a lot of hype for Kindred — you have probably
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