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Nothing and everything

By Holly Secon

If death were a photograph, it would be the first selfie you ever took. You were probably in sixth grade, got your first flip phone with a camera button on the side and turned it around to take a picture of your acne-ridden face, side bangs curling up, braces fully
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Karin Goh/Staff

Photo Essay: Animals of Foothill

By Karin Goh

Coming from Singapore, I’d never really seen wild deer before coming to Berkeley. Unlike a lot of people here, I find the squirrels of Berkeley absolutely adorable. Everywhere I look there is wildlife to be found. I love that I am able to walk out of my dorm and within
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Alvaro Azcarraga/Staff

Poem: The Schoolyard

By Chandler Nolan

Callused palms, and grass-stained elbows. Their cheeks flushed with afternoon play. My heart jolts in my chest at the sound of pierced screams, before I look up to see them laughing. They tug and swing on shined monkey-bars, daring each other to kiss the girl next to them.   I
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The Cutting Edge: Androgynous Fashion

By Ada Goknur

From Coco Chanel’s parade of pants tailored for women to the sharp, rebellious, boyish cuts of the roaring 1920s, fashion is classically a unique gender-bending stage for social change and criticism. With our bodies serving as its most intimate of canvases, fashion is a unique expression of self, where societal
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Loop Sans/Creative Commons

Question your friends

By Tucker Ring

Stifled by my parents throughout my childhood from creating an online identity, I took matters into my own hands junior year of high school when I created my own Facebook page. Not only was I introduced to a virtual social environment that somehow evaded the confines of the typical high
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Picks of the Week

By Weekender Editors

How Weird Street Faire 2015 is Sunday in San Francisco. This will be the 16th year that this festival brings weirdos in costume together to enjoy a day of music, art, performances and street vendors. Raise your consciousness with thousands of others from noon to 8 p.m. There is a
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