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The Senior Scramble

By Alex Gonzalez

The time until graduation is better measured in days than weeks, and I am scrambling. I started envisioning these last days of senior year before I even got to college. I grew up watching movies and television that portrayed the end of college with limitless parties, landing a dream job,
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Josh Escobar/Staff

Poem: Zero to Eighteen

By Josh Escobar

The wind slides under the asphalt, and then mixes dirt with guiltiness everyday. The news gets taken in like a rug dried by sunshine. The wind takes the wheel as gravity pulls cars towards the ocean or the high desert. Pets in backyards get worn out looking for lesser evils:
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Photo Essay: Geocaching

By Nicole White

Geocaching is essentially an adult scavenger hunt that takes place worldwide using GPS coordinates. There are a ton of geocaches in the Bay Area — look up coordinates online or download a geocaching app, and you will be on your way in no time! Once you find a geocache container,
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Nicole White/Staff

Just Guys: Eulogizing Sigma Alpha Epsilon

By David Nussbaum

Gentlemen, The local news media has contacted us and if they contact you, here is our official response: A couple of weeks ago, the UC Berkeley chapter of SAE voluntarily suspended its affiliation with SAE National, due to alcohol related incidents at the chapter that violated SAE National’s requirement of “alcohol free
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Full Buckets, Empty Buckets

By Mana Anvar

Bucket lists. For many, they’re merely a catalogue of what one hopes to achieve in his or her lifetime: a list with the harsh potential to turn into could haves or should haves or what-ifs, should those items on the list not be attended to. I find, as a first
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Picks of the Week

By Weekender Editors

Cinco de Mayo is coming to the Bay Area early this year! The 2015 SF Cinco de Mayo Festival will be held on Saturday May 2 in the Mission District. This is a family-friendly event that brings out thousands each year. There will be amazing food, vendors, and performances throughout
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