Nicole White/Staff

Breakdown of Brutalism

By Ryen Bani-Hashemi

In light of the closure of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, or BAM/PFA, at its old location, I wondered about the fate of UC Berkeley’s other aesthetically displeasing structures on campus, such as Wurster or Evans halls. Most of these buildings are stylistically Brutalist — an architectural
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Nicole White/Staff

In Pursuit of Stretched Ears

How big is your hole?

By Nicole White

Weights, tunnels, plugs… All kinds of things can be found in people’s ears. We’ve all stopped and stared at some point, so The Weekender decided to go out and ask people questions about their body modifications. Here are The Weekender’s findings on stretched ears. Timothy Plows, piercer at Zebra Tattoo
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Elizabeth Klingen/Staff

Fiction: The Roadrunner

By Josh Escobar

After the bell rang, Rey Romero went to the shade to get out of reach of the hot afternoon. Students on the sunny blacktop stared, talked and stared as he played with gelled and spiky hair. A slim frame with brown skin, he sometimes rubbed his brown eyes, nose and
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Drunk Poetry

By Cole Becker

I work at your sorority Kristal//Maybach I am so mindfucked I serve you dinner sometimes You don’t even know I exist I do :) (she confiscated my notebook and wrote this last part while I was dreaming of leaving)   Feelings Feelings are fun to feel the rhythmic discordance of
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Picks of the Week

By Weekender Editors

The “36 Questions” installation on top of Bernal Hill in San Francisco will only remain up through Saturday. The time is now to take your loved one and ask them the engraved questions on the antique wooden chest while enjoying the scenic view of the city. The project has heightened
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