Jessica Gleason/Staff

The state of East Bay poetry

By Leon Barros

The room’s quiet focus is fixed on her hushed, commanding presence, with a voice that resonates from the scuffed-up floorboards to the well-worn walls. A simmering pot murmurs behind us in the open kitchen. A cat — maybe two — weaves back and forth between the colorful mismatched chairs and
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Loryn Cook/File

The black hole as a nonmetaphor

By Sarah Gabrielle Adler

  Last week, a group of UC Berkeley researchers led by astronomy professor Chung-Pei Ma discovered an extraordinarily large black hole. A “supermassive” black hole, one of such extraordinarily powerful, light-compressing darkness that it could swallow 5.5 quadrillion Earths with the same masochistic nonchalance of a fraternity brother shot-gunning a
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Sara Suhl/Staff

Photo Essay: Poems in the stalls

By Sara Suhl

The public restroom stall: a paradoxical space that exists with the explicit purpose of providing privacy yet is public in both nature and name. Used and shared by all, these chambers provide an otherwise unattainable amount of privacy on a college campus with almost 40,000 students. Perhaps this is why
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Jessica Gleason/Staff

The Posturing of Condoms

By Emma Rosenbaum

I’m not too aware of many sexy responses to the question, “Can I take the condom off?” Honestly, at this point, I just get excited that the guy even asks. Maybe this is just my experience — it’s possible — but most guys haven’t even had the decency to ask.
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Alvaro Azcarraga/Staff

Short story: The gift

By Chantelle Lee

She’s putting on her fourth coat of lipstick when she really starts to wonder.   She can feel the air’s clammy hands clawing at her tight, lacy white dress, as the lights in the room dim slightly with exhaustion. She stares at herself in the mirror for the hundredth time,
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