Franchesca Spektor/Staff

The “P Word”

By Sindhu Ravuri

Contrary to what you may see on television, my vagina doesn’t bleed translucent blue solvent. When I speak passionately or assert myself, it does not mean I am reaching that time of month. And, for the record, you know you can say the word, right? Period. The fact is, we
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Jessica Gleason/Staff

The ducks are gone

By Nina Djukic

“Come to the street with/Only your sweet fragrance. Don’t walk into this river/Wearing a robe!” — Rumi   My dreams, the creek runs through them, all the weeks between now and then; April woods flood with September sediment and feet, in all their blistered wanderings, continue.   Now look, the
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Jake Moore/Staff

Perhaps it was a cult

By Emma Rosenbaum

  Vladdy was his favorite. He was by far the most active, and he enjoyed hanging upside down from the wire-net terrarium roof. Next was Theodora. Theodora was incredibly sassy, always hopping on top of Anthony or Starshine. Daniel also liked Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist because he had
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Michael Drummond /Senior Staff

The Weekender

By Weekender Editors

With sadness, the Weekender bids farewell until next semester. We appreciate all the support we have received and are grateful for all the interesting topics we have been able to explore.   We will begin accepting submissions again in the fall.    

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