Jessica Gleason/Staff

The Finstagram

By Sara Suhl

There is no shortage of rhetoric on the authenticity — or lack thereof — of social media. And no social media platform better reflects this claim than Instagram: an app in which image is quite literally everything. So what does the emergence of the cultural phenomenon of a “Finstagram” reveal
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Rachael Garner/Senior Staff

At the end of the red brick road

By Eda Yu

“How was going home?” asked Shamaya Pellum, a college adviser in UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry. I’d dropped into her office to do a quick degree check between classes. Her head of exuberant curls glowed in the afternoon light. I picked a teal-covered Ghirardelli chocolate off her desk; my fingers
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Joshua Carlucci /File

Notes from our journals

By Joshua Carlucci and Mana Anvar

Jan. 1 – Mana It’s officially 2016 and a fresh beginning. Normally, the start of a new year would scare me, but it doesn’t anymore. Now it feels more exciting, as if I have so many opportunities and adventures coming my way. Jan. 2 – Mana I remember growing up with board games and
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Michael Drummond /Senior Staff

Contribute to the Weekender

By Weekender Editors

Any great publication embodies the voice of its community. We at the Weekender are just a small representative of the much larger, ever-dynamic and lively community of Berkeley. We want your voices as well. Contribute by submitting to [email protected]

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